Tuesday, July 8, 2008

knowing about, and knowing

I know alot about God.

No, I don't know as much about God as some people.

But...I think...I think that I'm done pursing knowledge about God.

Theology and doctrine are amazing and great don't get me wrong.

But you can know alot about God--and yet completely miss him.

A good example of that-- Jonah. Jonah knew alot about God, his theology and understanding of God was incredible. He knew alot about God, read through his theology in the book of Jonah and the things he understood about God was incredible.

But he missed something that was at the core of his God. God loves the world.

He could have taught a theology class, he knew alot about God...but he...missed it.

Another example? The pharisees, they knew alot about God. They memorized the Bible, they prayed, they were holy. Yet...when the Son of God came to town--they missed it. When God in the flesh came; they completely missed it. They knew alot about God--but they didn't know him.

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that memorizing your Bible, praying and being holy are bad things. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that apart from knowing God--they are pointless.


I want to know God.


I want to know His heart.

I want my heart to be moved by what moves God's heart.

I want to love what he loves.

I want my heart to beat for what God's heart beats for.

Guys--it's just like the difference between knowing about a person and actually knowing them.

Many of you that read this regularly probably know alot about me, I'm a pretty open person.

You probably know that I just recently turned 18.
You may know that I enjoy reading, writing, music [except screaming], that I like to think, and that I'm tall and I'm kind of crazy and altogether odd. =P

But, alot of you probably don't know me, only a small handful of people that read this actually know me.
What am I passionate about? What makes me laugh? What kind of person am I? Could we carry on a conversation for hours that goes beyond chit-chat? Do you know what my heart beats for? Do you know what keeps me awake at night? What I consider counter-cultural? What I love? What I hate?

See you can know alot about a person....and completely miss who they are.

I'm not willing to do that with God.

I want to know about him--sure, but above all else I want to know him.

And the amazing thing is, is that as you get to know God--you'll get to know about Him too. Know His heart and you will know His character.

Let's get back to the basics. =)

Anyways *shrug* the stuff that goes through my head. =P

Love you all.

Seriously I mean that too.



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