Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Yesterday was fun. I love this girl, she's amazing. =)

It would take much to long to talk about everything that we did. So I'm just not going to. =)

Highlight; getting lost in Brownes Ferry. Way to go Lauren =P. Oh and dinner at CFA. Lauren, Kate, Carter, Mark, and Tyler are awesome. Most definitely.

Ok and I didn't fail my Biology test!!!!!! Do you have any idea how happy I was/am?!?! No. I don't think you do. =P


Anonymous said...

Haha Jacob's definitely taller :-P

Lauren said...

were we lost...I don't think so...
you just wanted to leave a certain way...and well i had other motives :P
Like taking the "long" way

Stephen D. said...

Who wouldn't want to come into my neighborhood? It's the hood of North Charlotte... I'm kinda freaked out you wanted to visit my house though... =/

Ming said...

it wasn't me, it was Lauren. lol