Monday, October 29, 2007


"The British love their concert halls. An impresario hired one for a night- gave it to a young student pianist. He played Bach and he played out of his skin.
When he finished- the British forgot they were British.
They stood. They clapped, they cheered, some even stomped their feet.
And the impresario went running round the back, he said, "Magnificent! Incredible! Fantastic! Tremendous!... Play an encore!" And the young man said, "Nope." The impresario said, "Their standing for you! You must play an encore." The young man said, "No, they're not, that old man at the back is sitting." "Oh, he doesn't know his music." said the impresario. "Oh yes, he does." said the young man, "That old man sitting's my teacher; if he was standing and everyone else was sitting I'd play an encore. He's sitting. No, encore.""
"2,000 years ago a man named Stephen died. Now you can't earn your salvation-- that's settled by your response to crucified love. All you can earn is your reception in heaven. When Stephen died, his face shone as he forgave those killing him.
His face shone, as he saw that Jesus was seated at the right hand of his father in heaven. But scripture doesn't say he saw Jesus sitting next to his father. Scripture says he saw Jesus standing.
Standing for one who lived for Him- standing for one who died for Him."
"The only question is --Are we going to live in such a way, that as Church we're going to pursue His fame. Not ours. As Church we're going to pursue His righteousness. Not ours. As Church we're going to pursue His will. Not ours. That as Church we're going; to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. Rather than bless and advance what we have ourselves.
The only question is --When we get to heaven, is Jesus going to be sitting to say, "Welcome Home." Or is he going to be standing to say, "Well done! You gave, you loved, you cared, you prayed! Together we changed our world!"
I want to be part of a Church that gets Jesus standing--- because we pursued His fame."

I was doing dishes while listening to this Saturday night and it pretty much changed my life. It was one of those things you listen to, then the second it's done you go and listen to it again. (Which I did. =P)
Do I pursue this? Heck to I even desire it? I mean really? Do I yearn for my Father's approval or the crowd...
When it comes down to it; do I play for the audience or do I play for my Father...
Would I play an encore if the world was standing and Jesus was sitting?
Pffft forget the world I'd probably play an encore if a select handful of people were standing. Yet would I play again if the world was sitting- yet Jesus was standing?
If the whole world thought I was wacked yet my Father in heaven was standing- Would. I. play. again.?
Why do I do the things I do? What is my life really about?

I have to get this right guys. I don't want to be superficial. I don't want to fake this. I really don't.

Am I making any sense? Or am I losing my mind?

Ok, I'll stop my tangent now...shutting up.

Micah 6
Acts 7

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