Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm done.

I'm going to stop worrying about what people think about what I write about.
If you don't like it sorry, if you don't like reading song lyrics or endless quotes I'm really sorry. But this is me. =P I've never had an original thought. I'm just a broken record. =P

I still see how pervasive my fear of man is... Haha, ok guys I know I'm lame and you're going to think I'm retarded but...that's ok. lol This is my head sometimes

"Hmmm should I post these lyrics?
What if people think they're annoying to read?
What if no one reads them?"

"Hmmm should I post on this subject?
What if people think I'm just being a superficial kid?
What if they think I'm just posting it because it's a "Christian" thing to do?
What if people think I don't really mean it?"

"Should I really post that this is what I struggle with or when something "bad" happens?
What if people think that I'm just being depressing?
What do people expect me to post about?"

"Should I post that I care to much about what I write/post about? What if people think that I'm just a suck up? What if they think that I don't really mean the stuff I post about? What if people think that I'm retarded for worrying to much? Ok, Ming, you really need to stop. =P"

So if I say something that offends you or I'm wrong about something then please tell me; that's not what I mean when I say that I don't care. But if you aren't going to read my blog because I post to many lyrics or you don't like to read a bunch of quotes....Ummm well don't read it then...? Haha not that anyone even reads this. But I just felt like I had to say it.


Now that I've gotten that off my chest. =P

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