Monday, May 5, 2008


Blackberry blossoms ...I think.

My last English class was today, My teacher said I didn't fail the class so that was a relief. =) I handed in my three papers and talked to him for a while about what I teachers I should take this summer and stuff like that. Then I headed back home and on a whim [I like doing things on whims] decided to see if Good Will had any good books. =P They did and it made me quite happy. I found RedWall for 50 cents and a book by Jerry Bridges for $1.50 plus a bunch of others. Yes, it made my day.

Then I read for a while but it was such a pretty day out [even if it was a little warm] that I decided to go and ride my bike up back behind my house. It was rather lovely.

My two middle siblings are over at Sterlings. Alas, I am at home--which I'm actually completely fine with. =P

I am tired, fighting for joy isn't easy. There are times it's easy and other is not so easy.

There are times I wish it wasn't a command--the whole "rejoice in the Lord always" deal. Honestly there are times where it feels good to feel sorry for myself and indulge in self-pity, worry, ect. But I know it's better for me, and the more I dwell on God's love for me the sillier I seem for not wanting to. Anyways that may make no sense at all but oh well. =P

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Keri said...

I love Good Will.