Sunday, May 4, 2008

Last night I was getting ready for bed but I was thinking about something, I was completely engrossed in thinking about it. I brush my teeth, turn the hot water on, put face wash on my hands and rub them together to spread it around. [I was still engrossed in my own world thinking] I'm deep in thought as I go to rub the soap all over my face, no, wait....that's glass? what? I'm pulled out of my thoughts to find that I have rubbed soap all over my glasses. It was a rude interruption from my deep ponderings.

Yes, I'm a ditz. =P


Justin said...


omg Ming... you never cease to amaze me like that.

Keri said...

atleast you didn't have to clean your face AND your glasses with two separate motions. saved yourself a lot of time and effort my friend. :)

Ming said...

Thank you Justin. I feel so accomplished.
Yes Keri, I was just using my time wisely. That's why I did it, it was all planned. =P