Sunday, May 18, 2008


I love Mrs. George
endless amounts of cookies and strawberries
Gouda is a cool word
jumping fences in a dress, climbing through bushes, trying to plug in lights--while on the phone. =P
wiping dirt off pots is alot of fun
and yes.
I was tired yesterday. lol
Set up today was fun
playdough is amazing
Also climbing on tables and almost falling down. =P
and I am still tired. =P
Life kids, life.

How am I doing?
In this moment-- I am doing well.
I'm not just saying this cause it's the "good" Christian thing to say either. I'm not saying this in a superficial way.
I mean this in the most uncliche way possible--
1. God loves me.
2. I'm not going to hell.
3. I'm going to heaven.
4. Jesus is going to come back one day.
I'm trying to get my roots sunk into that.
Those things never ever change, so if I'm rooted in those things that's a good thing.

Circumstances, those change.
Feelings--those too.
People's opinion about me?
Yup, that changes too.

To place my hope and trust in anything less than God is setting myself up for failure.

I'm being taught this in a very uncomfortable way.

Being stripped of everything, God does have a way of taking the stuff I'm holding on to, the stuff that means the most to me and cutting it all away-so that I have to lean on him; I have to trust him; I have to have faith in him.

This is by no means easy though.

I'm a screw up people.
I don't want you thinking anything else about me.
If I do anything worth while it's only because of God.
I am a messed up person.
Sick, disgusting.
But I have been loved beyond your wildest dreams.
I don't deserve it.
I'm resting in, not because I deserve it--but because I have it.
I have it!

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