Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"God doesn't like it when someone tries to take control from Him. So stop
inserting yourself into situations that you can't control, and focus instead on
being present in those situations as a faithful follower of Jesus. The question
isn't: "how can I change my circumstances?" or "how can I change this other
person?" Instead, the question is, "how can I be the most faithful to Christ in
the midst of this situation?" Fruit ought to come despite the weather, as long
as you're planted near the water. And as for the weather, well, that's for
trusting in God, not for changing."

This is my heart and my prayer.

That no matter what my circumstances--no matter what people are in life; it's not how can I change situations or people. It's about how am I going to respond? How am I called to be faithful with what God has given me. God's trusted me with these situations--these people he's brought into my life. What am I going to do with them? How am I called to be like Christ in these situations? How do I love? How do I speak truth? How do I combine the two?

Will I do this perfectly? No. Far from. Will I mess up? Make mistakes? Yes.

But that doesn't keep me from trying and striving.

I'm not going to come before the throne of God spotless without a bruise on my body, my goal in life isn't to avoid pain.

My goal is to apprehend the power of God in the midst of pain.

I'm not immune to pain or suffering. No.

In the middle of it all though as the storms whip about me I do stand on the rock.

See, as Christians it doesn't make us immune to feeling. We haven't become robots, gosh. But it's just that in the midst of our crying and pain--we are ok. Why? Because we know how it ends.

In the end there won't be suffering or pain. In the end we're going to stand with Jesus. In the end we stand battered and bruised but not beaten.!

This is why I can be brought low or high, this is why it doesn't matter if I am rich or poor. This is why honestly nothing matters on this earth accept Jesus.

It really is that simple. Yet that hard at the same time.

I want to tell you guys right now this has been the beat that I walk life to. No, do I live perfectly? No. But the theme of my life is this, loving God, loving people. =)

You wonder why I talk about this? I don't even rightly know...

I do know that I love Jesus though.

And I trust Him.

Yes. Seriously.

He knows I've been and he knows where I'm going....heck I don't even know where I'm going sometimes so it's comforting knowing that at least someone does. =)

On other random such notes I like Cascada or at least a song someone sent me. =)
It's cloudy out and rather dismal--at least at the moment.
I like to write.
and I can write again!! =) It makes me happy.
I love God.
And Justin Glacken.
"Yes, Ming?"
"I love him. ;)"

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