Monday, September 22, 2008


My soul is weak
My heart is numb
I cannot see
But still my hope is found in You
I'll hold on tightly
You will never let me go
For Jesus, You will never fail
Jesus, You will never fail

Simply to the cross I cling
Letting go of all earthly things
Clinging to the cross
Mercy's found a way for me
Hope is here as I am free
Jesus, You are all I need
Clinging to the cross

Can I be a girl who does this no matter what?
Holding onto Jesus?
Clinging to him while he holds me tightly?
Continuing to fall in love with him no matter what is going on in my life?
When life is going good?
When life is not going good?

Can I hold these things on earth loosely?
Does Jesus really not even compare to anything here?

He doesn't.
My stuff--it's just stuff.
My family--it's just a family.
My friends--their just friends.
My health--it's just my health.
My life--it's just my life.
Please hear my heart--I love all the things God has so richly blessed me and I'm so thankful.

But still...none of it compares to my God.
Nothing compares.

Do I really hate things in light of how much I adore Jesus?

I don't think I do--but I'm trying, asking, praying that God grows me to that point.

I want to be there I really do.

And I think I'm getting there.

Slowly but surely.

I want this theme to be in my life.

More of God, less of me.

And honestly people--if you think I'm being hypocritical or saying stuff I don't mean I really would rather you tell me. Or if I'm saying something wrong either, please tell me?

Seriously. =)

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