Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Coffee tables and Elephants

I hate elephants on coffee tables.

Elephants are fine in and of themselves, coffee tables aren't that bad either--but add them together and you have a horrible combination.

Why do I hate them?

Well mostly because of the way people treat the elephant, no one wants the elephant to be there, I think we all know this, but why for the life of me people think that not talking about it makes it disappear is beyond me.

Polite smiles exchanged, curtious laughs had, and small chit chat is shouted trying to drown out this thing that is in the middle of the table bellowing.

Now if you know me at all, you know I hate this. Honestly let's just deal with and talk about the issue. Seriously. I'm not saying we'll even agree or that we'll even get anywhere but please please please don't try to pretend that life is just normal.

I don't know that's just how I am.

So here's to the elephant ok?

Stephen and I in a relationship, we're courting, and pursuing to honor God and do what he would have us do.

Yup, I'm "the girl". Wow I bet no one had figured that out yet huh?


Stephanie said...

Good luck to you and Stephen, praying for you. *smiles*

And as for my text yesterday, things have sorted themselves out, thanks to God.

I'm "in a friendship that if God allows will be something more someday."

I can't think of any other way to term it. *smirk*


Nathan said...

Well Ming, i for one am really happy for yall. It did take courage for you to talk about it so openly for everyone to read, and i hope you two won't have to deal with what everybody else thinks. After all, if you have petitioned God on what you should do unselfishly and believe He is calling both of you to this relationship and you desire to honor Him in it, then what people think should pale completely in the light of what God thinks, and you should seek to do His will far more than you seek to do anyone else's. I'm praying for yall!

In Christ,