Monday, January 7, 2008

70's is amazing weather.

Today was amazingly gorgeous out. I mean beautiful.

The sun was shining, there was a lilting breeze that made it even more enticing to be outside. So once I did some stuff for my mom inside---I ditched the idea of cleaning my room and opted to just opened the windows in my room [because unlike Lauren, I love it when my room smells like "outside" or whatever =P]. And then I headed outside with a book [because I'm a book nerd]. And spent at least a couple of hours just wandering around outside and intermittently reading. But I kept getting distracted by the breeze, the sun filtering through the trees, and just the gorgeousness of the weather in general.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm completely ready for spring. Yes. I am. I'm sorry for all of you that love cold weather and winter. But I'm done with it. Sure I'd like some snow---but I realllly am ready for spring. Flowers and warmth and rain and yes. =P The daffodils are already coming up around the house. They're ready too. =P

Day's like today though make me just happy. lol I know it's silly but they do. =)

Tomorrow at 3. Field. I'm psyched. =P

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Lauren said...

thank you for adding a little tid-bit of my life into your blog. i know everyone was thoroughly interested what i thought about the outside air.

Ming said...

Lauren, everyone is interested about everything about you. =) =P

In that case, how about we skip to next winter that's like...300 days away? That'll work. =P Seriously though, I want it to snow too---like a foot then it's not just a dusting because just dusting's are annoying. lol But something tells me that even if it does snow---it's not going to snow much. *shrug* so we might as well skip ahead to spring. lol

Note: when we are conversing about the weather on my know the content has gone down or it could be I'm just that odd. lol