Wednesday, January 9, 2008


So I'm just sitting here--- after the headache of trying to find another A&P II class since they canceled the first one that I signed up for. So now I'm just waiting for my first lab of this semester to start. Whoo. Yeah, can't you hear the enthusiasm in my voice. =P

Haha, actually I'm looking forward to school now. I'm ready. Hopefully I can pass the classes.

It's going to be joyous dissecting fetal pigs all semester. Aren't you jealous? =P Oh, I figured you all would be. lol That sort of stuff use to bother me alot but it doesn't anymore really....well I don't know, maybe it will. But the eye and brain thing last semester didn't bother me at all.

Oh dear....hmmmm. ["oh dear" just because I was bored sitting in the library for over an hour with nothing to do or study or anything and so decided to say that. Sorry I'm weird like that. I'll try to be more specific from now on. Specific in a vague way mind you. =P]

Also driving on 85 with the windows down, music playing, sun edging the clouds with gold, and in 75 degree weather---is amazing. Made me smile [even if my hair was in knots by the time I got home =P].

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