Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Warning I'm being really real here. Love me or hate me. Think I'm right or wrong. Fine go right ahead. This is me.

I'm done pretending like I've got it all together. Or even knowing that I don't have it together but trying to put up a facade that makes it look like I somewhat have it together. Fact is I don't. I'm this screwed up, indecisiveness, prideful, selfish, sinful, person who's life and head is all over the place. Who lives in a screwed up, confusing, sinful world....

But see...this amazing amazing God loves me. Oh no and get this...he loved all of me. Ever dirty filthy horrid part. And he loved me so much that he sent his humble, selfless, loving, perfect Son to take my place and take my punishment. To allow me to kill and put to death this silly, screwed up, indecisive, prideful, selfish, sinful girl....and to give her a new identity and the ability to be humble, selfless, and loving. Not only that but He gave her a home. A true home that in her heart of hearts she is longing for. Not only a home but an inheritance. And not only an inheritance...but a Father, a Savior, Lover of her soul, and millions of brothers and sisters. Yeah that's right. Let that blow your mind.

Sometimes I think I almost get it...almost...

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Lauren said...

our God is sooo great!