Monday, January 14, 2008


I want the satisfaction
Of knowing that my heart beats after You
Burning with devotion
To give it up in all I do
I want to take the notion
When regret is all I find
And even if it breaks me
To leave it all behind
For You
Here I am, again
This is the last place that I thought You’d take me
And I
Hear the sound begin
I’ll never fall away I know you’ll find me
And our eyes they’ll meet again
That’s where we’ll begin
Our love will never end

Spiderwebs are awesome. Unless like you like walk into in them and they cling to your face, then they are creepy and scary. Otherwise they are just wispy and just pretty in general.

You know when I use to be really scared by spiders---snakes and other bugs didn't bother me in the least [well earwigs are creepy but that's besides the point.]. But spiders just made me shiver---due largely to the fact that when I was a kid I was in the garage one time when a daddy long leg somehow made it to my face and yes, it was a scarring experience. =P I'm not scared of them now. Anyways I don't even know why I rambled on about that....oh, well.

My English class is at two and then ends at....five. Oh, it'll be joyous a time I'm sure of it. Especially given I can't write worth anything....I'll live though. I hope.

I like that song above and the one below too. I really like the one below....

Also Thursday it's going to be raining but not tomorrow **hint**hint*cough**cough**.

Oh, life. Guyses when did it become so....I don't even know. lol

Are you ever frustrated at your head, your writing skill [or in my case lack thereof], or just words in general? I am at this moment in time. I can't get words to harness stuff in my head at this moment. I wouldn't post it on here even if I could =P but nonetheless it's annoying. =P

Alright, I'm outtt
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5:15 pm
Ok, so English might not be as completely awful as I was thinking it might be. I didn't get the teacher I was expecting-but the teacher that switched seems to be very nice. When I go to school my name and I have a love hate relationship. Why you ask? Well on one hand it's nice to not have to constantly remind teachers what your name is. On the other hand I prefer to blend in and not stand out in anyway. *shrug* Oh well. He said the two things you need to do to be a better writer is 1. read 2. write. I've got number one I just need to work on number two. =P


Justin said...

I can't go tomorrow. >.<

Ming said...

pray tell why not. =(

I fell asleep really early, then woke up and couldn't get back to sleep so I just was writing...stuff.

Justin said...

ugh I don't have a ride.. my mom is going to Joann's for this thing she's having and my dad is out of town.

Lauren said...

oh ming, english will be fine...
they are just looking for improvement. if i made it, you can. trust me. especially with you doing that other hard stuff, if you can make it through that, you are golden.

I love you!

Ming said...

That's not cool...

Great Lauren, now that you told me that I'll probably get an F. lol I love you too have fun with all of your homework =P

Justin said...

That picture of you with the mud is hilarious!! That is so like you Ming. Being clumsy that is. =P

Stephen D. said...

haha, if I made an A in that class I'm more then sure you can. You don't have to write perfect or anything. Just follow the instructions they give you and limit grammatical errors and you're guaranteed at least a B

And Justin I’d offer to pick you up but I’ve got something before hand that will limit me. If your parents could drop you off I could give you a ride home though…

Ming said...

Thanks Justin I appreciate that. =P Ok we were building a bridge with large sticks and I didn't realize that it was still really muddy where it was and I lost my balance when my foot sunk in so I landed on my hands thank you very much. lol

Yeah idk we'll see, you're really smart though so that would explain the A...oh well we'll see.

That's like really out of the way for you though isn't it?

Ming said...

Yes, problem solved. =P

Justin said...

Well you're taking me now Ming. :-D

Thanks though steve.

Nathan said...

way to ask nicely for a ride, Justin :-p of course i shouldnt be speaking... :-p