Sunday, January 13, 2008

I couldn't come up with a clever title. oh well.

Ok so CM was amazingness. [as it normally is.] I mean how could it not be? Among other reasons, Jadon is amazing, and Cameron is awesome . And yes, you wish you had a class as cool as mine. =) Screaming emo music though *shakes head* =P
Lunch was alright--- I was kind of out of it. And wasn't really in any conversation but that's ok. I don't mind, I just think...
Lauren's house. Wow. Yeah I think we should avoid the woods from now on. =P Or lakes with mud that sucks you down. Wow. It was hilarious though. [to bad it wasn't quicksand. =P jk] Honestly though I never thought I'd see the day Lauren would walk through knee deep mud and water in January...Kate, yes. Lauren, no. Not that I turned out much better...but still. =P

Now playing:Relient K - Must Have Done Something Right


Justin said...

You know what?!!?! no!!! forget the song. that is Ying and I's song, not yours and Stephens. ok? got it? ITs starting to tick me off. and if I have to, I'll take this to Ying. then she'll deal with you. You have your own songs with Steve. like those nights, we let you have that because you had it first. thats how it works. and we had this first. so ya. don't start with me. now playing..pfft. that is bull crap. you just put that on there to spice his hottt life up. ya.

btw I know why you were out of it. =P

Love ya sis!

Justin said...

the nerve to call that your song...!!!