Saturday, June 21, 2008


" Lovely things, these daughters and sons of Elyon, but so pigheaded at times. Thought they knew everything. Even after changing their minds five times on the same matter, they didn't pause to consider the fact that they might be wrong this sixth time as well. Heaven forbid! They would fight for the sixth opinion with as much conviction as the first!
"It's read, I say. Red!" one would cry.
"No, it's blue," another would respond.
"Red, you fool. Red, red, red."
"Blue for certain. Look at it from this angle and you see it's blue. Or maybe a bit of green, if you think about it."
"Say what? Not green. Only an idiot would see green. More like purple, if you must. But not blue and not green.
"I say green definitely green. If you can't see green, you're not fit to hold a rank in the Guard."
"Purple! For the sake of Elyon, open your eyes! Any half-wit can see it's purple."
Only the arguments weren't usually about colors but something more interesting, such as whether this tunic or that face marking would be appropriate to wear."

This part in the book made me think, smile, and that's all I'm going to say about that. I do love Ted Dekker.

Chosen was a really good book--yes I did finish it--yes it was amazing. Over 250 pages is nothing when a book is really good. =P

Also what is amazing is...watermelon.

Yes, my father got one yesterday and I had some; it was actually quite completely delightful.

Then I hung out with my mother in the evening, we talked, went to the Christian bookstore, went to Sams for pizza, read while we waited for it, then talked while we ate. I adore my mother and I love books. My mom loves books too so it works out quite beautifully. I got a bunch of books, it filled me with joy. =)

While I was browsing yesterday, I contemplated in my head whether or not that reading and books are idols in my life because I enjoy them that much, and maybe I shouldn't enjoy them as much as I do. Then I laughed and thought that no, I was made to enjoy books. God made me and God created words, God created me to love words. I was made to be a nerdy bookworm of a girl. =) Yes, laugh, but you know it's true. And who cares. =)

I saw this on the bookshelf and it made me quite happy with the bookstore. If you my friend have never read this book--you should. And if for some sad reason you have never heard of or listened to Francis Chan--then I suggest you go here and listen to this one. [all of them are good, I just randomly picked that one]

Although if you are friends with me and have spent any amount of time with me--you probably have heard him before. =P

Why do I love Francis Chan so much? Well
1. Because he loves God.
2. He lives a crazy life that really isn't explainable except for the fact that there is a God.
3. He inspires me to do the same thing.
4. He has his Church doing crazy stuff that doesn't make sense apart from God too.

Also he's incredibly honest real and not superficial.

Mostly I like him because I love God more after listening to him [and reading his book].

Isn't my God amazing?

Crazy crazy love guys. =)

[also, just as a disclaimer so you guys don't think I'm completely wacked--my best friend Lauren Abe loves him too. And no that's not the reason we are best friends-although it doesn't hurt. =P]**apparently she doesn't anymore--but it's ok I'm still friends with her =P
[also, I have a book that's signed by him-well someone is borrowing it at the moment but that's besides the point]

[also, [last thing I promise] I haven't written like this in a long time have I?]


Lauren said...

confession. I don't love him anymore...
not as much. I'll tell you eventually, I just don't think it's time.

Ming said...

that's ok Lauren--I'll still be friends with you =P

Justin said...

You haven't written like that in a long time because you haven't been yourself. just maybe? hmm. yes.

I don't think it should be crazy love. It should be like "The right love" Because if you aren't crazy in love with God, then you're crazy. Having no love for God would be the crazy love wouldn't you say? haha. Then again I guess its just the way you look at it..

Ming said...

I haven't...=P The question is--am I myself now? Or the bigger question what does myself even mean or what am I. I guess I'll figure that out as time goes on though. =P

No, it's crazy love because if anyone who isn't a Christian should think that we are crazy. And the reason we are "crazy" in their eyes is because of love.

But I wasn't talking so much in the fact that our love for God is crazy--cause our love for God really isn't crazy, our love is a response. I was talking on terms that God's love for us is crazy. The depth of his love and affection for us is crazy. =)

Justin said...

lol you're becoming yourself. Almost there. maybe.. =P

ahh I see. lol

crazy love as in God's love? Well that makes sense. haha cause he is crazy for loving us.

Ming said...

almost? What do I need to do to obtain this level of...meness? lol

Yes. =)

Yes, it does make sense. Haha, he is. lol I'm so glad he does though. =)