Monday, June 9, 2008

Hmmmmmm ummm hm um yes. =)

"Do you understand that even the worship that we did this morning; could have been something that God despised and hated. You might be thinking, "How could God hate us doing something that he commanded? That makes no sense to me." Do you realize....let me take it a little step further, do you realize that God could be disgusted with your prayer life and you praying, God could disgusted with you memorizing and meditating on his word, he could be disgusted with your involvement even here at this church. Do you realize that? This totally floored me. Because God could be, I'm saying could, not that he is. He could be disgusted with those things that you do because they are not driven by your love for him. You see, us praying, us assembling together in this building, us reading God's word, all of those are vehicles to express a love for God."
Matt Moore

Why do I do what I do?

Do I do it cause I love?

Because if I don't do it because I love then I am a clanging cymbal that just makes a bunch of noise and is obnoxious.

I want to be a person that just oozes God's love.

When you talk to me--I don't want you to come away with; Oh she's smart, she's mature, she's nice, she's fill in the blank. No, I want you to walk away loving God more. I don't want you to even walk away thinking that I'm right in my way of thinking or that I always do the right thing--because here's the truth--I don't. No, I want you to walk away with a bigger view and a deeper love for my sweet God. I want you to walk away realizing even just a little bit more how much God adores you.

Yes, this is my freaking soap box and I don't intend on getting off of it anytime soon. =P

I pray I never ever get tired of this crazy crazy love. =)

Also; it feels good to actually be hungry again.

I'm not saying this is easy by any means, or in any sense of the word. What I am saying though is that....I don't even know what I'm saying. haha just disregard me.

And think about how crazy God is about you. =)

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