Sunday, June 1, 2008

Isn't it funny how easily we try to reach and grasp for security? Or Some semblance of a plan or dream? How even if something is taken away from us and we see how sweet God is--that when another something comes along we leap of the lap of our Savior to pursue it?

This is what I learned last night-- I grasp and try to hold on to anything that I can.

I strain, the tips of my fingers brush the edge of the dream and I strain harder trying to get my hand around it. Trying to hold on to it, trying to protect it. When God is just standing right behind me asking me to trust him. Telling me to let it go, but not let it go and pick up something else, but let it go and watch him work.


I love my God.
That's amazing.
And it makes me happy. =)

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