Monday, June 23, 2008

We were set free to...obey? Hardly.

I wrote this yesterday morning.

Run around.

Go dance.

Spin around.


As Christians we are free.

How sweet is that?

Free from sin
Free from shame
Free from expectations
Free from guilt
Free from death.

God has dumped grace on us. DUMPED. Not lightly showered. He's dumped it on us.

For freedom's sake we were set free.

We weren't set free to a set of certain and strict rules--hardly. What kind of freedom is that?


We were set free to love.

To really love.
Truly love.

Grant it, when we are really loving then we will obey. But the whole point of loving isn't to obey. Rules are not the end all and be all. Pfffft hardly.

So open a window if you like and run around in a field. Spin around in a circle and collapse in a breathless heap. Laugh like you never have before and love people like crazy.

Love people not because it's a rule. Love because God loved you. Love for them because you actually care. [isn't that a novel idea?] Can we be like Jesus in that way?

Think about it--who did Jesus hang out when he came? Did he hang out with the godly rich people that looked like they had life figured out? ...what? no you say? Then who did he hang out with?

The least of these??? What??? Are you serious? He hung out with the people that were low? poor? dirty? immoral? The people that didn't have life figured out? He actually cared? He invested his life into those people? He chilled with those kind of people? Jesus came for those kind of people?

That brings me extreme amounts of comforts. Because I am not a really godly person who has it all together.

See I want to be like Jesus. I want to act like Jesus would act, I want to do what Jesus would do, I want to care like Jesus would care, and above it all [because if I get this the other three will come naturally] I want to love like Jesus loved.

He loved in a crazy dangerous way.

The way he loved didn't make sense.

Sadly I haven't been doing that.

God help me to love.

So people--hang what you've done in the past. Leave it and let it go. Forget it. If you've been beating yourself up about it--just let it go. Jesus took it all. Yes. All.

You're free.

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