Thursday, November 15, 2007

wow. lol

My old xanga. Is hilarious.

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February 12 2006
Camden to his Mom...
"You know Mom, Ming is the responsible one.
But Ying is the FUN one!"
"See Mom!
I told you Ming was the responsible one!
I like Ying because she is a bad girl and plays X-Box and Halo with us."
Wow coming from Camden that isn't a compliment. [about being responsible I mean. lol]
I'm not fun...
I'm responsible.
That was a while ago. Oh I laughed. lol


Stephen D. said...

Wow, I like did not know you even existed then. =P lol. And I hated Carter then cause he was emo. =P

Ming said...

And it wasn't that long ago that you didn't know I existed... =P
Carter wasn't emo then. lol He was a punk though.

Stephen D. said...

I know... It's only been a little over a year.

Whatever, close enough. =P I found him annoying. =P

Ming said...

Yeah, I know. It's kinda funny. lol

Haha you just didn't realize the awesomeness that is Carter. It's ok we all have lapses in judgment sometimes. =P

Missy said...

hahaha that was hilarious when Camden said that :-P