Saturday, November 3, 2007

Words or Actions?

It's so easy to say things. It's so easy to say some words-- type some words.

And it's something I've been thinking about today. It's something I'm really good at; spitting out words. Sometimes it's hard to get me started, but once I do get started it's just as hard to make me shut up. =P But when it comes down to it---words serve me. It's alot easier to say something than actually follow through with it.

And you know how sometimes you'll say something and you'll feel better just because you said it, but then you never actually get around to doing it it? This is something I do much to often.

Where as actions actually serve other people. Instead of just talking about stuff...isn't it a novel idea for me to actually do it? Instead of saying I'm going to study this weekend and making myself feel better-- isn't in a novel idea for me to actually stop just saying I'm going to study and actually just study?

It's not enough for me to just be convicted about things--it's not even enough for me to say I was convicted about something. It's not until that conviction actually invades and changes my life that it actually means anything. Just being convicted about something isn't enough. I need to follow through on those convictions.

It's not enough for me to be convicted that I need to love people more. It's not enough for me to sit here and tell you guys that I've been convicted more. It's not until I actually start loving people more that anything happens and I start serving others instead of myself...

I think to often we raise people up because of their convictions. "Oh that's great that God's convicting you!" Is it really? I mean I see where they are coming from; but is it a good thing that God's convicting them if they aren't going to respond to it? I don't know... This is just the sort of stuff that runs through my head while cleaning the kitchen and vacuuming. =P

So guys I really really need you to watch me and make sure I'm actually living this and not just spewing out a bunch of words.....And if I'm not I need you to tell me. Seriously.

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Justin said...

haha I'll let you know for you. and you have to help me live this too. because I do it more often than you. and I'm not just saying this to make me feel better. =P haha

love ya