Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm such a strange girl.

I won't post depressing looking pictures that I like when I'm happy because I don't want people to think I'm emo or sad.
But then when I am...not happy then I don't want to post them because I don't want to be stereotypical....Ahhh.
I really don't understand how my friends put up with me and my head when I can barely put up with myself.
"why can't life be perfect"
That is the question isn't it?
I mean I know it's cause of sin.
But I'm not asking it to be answered.
It's a rhetorical question...
I guess?


a sinner saved by grace said...

well said Ming...i may have to quote you on that :) I feel the same way :)

Justin said...

You are strange

Ming said...

Thanks Justin...

Lauren said...

your head??? oh ming, your head isn't near as bad as mine, if we are having a competition here.

I love you!

Tyler said...

This post offended me.

Ming said...

It's not a competition Lauren, but if it was I would win hands down. =P

I'm sorry Tyler, can you accept my apology? What did I say that offended you? =P [I'm assuming your joking--but if not then I am really sorry]