Friday, February 8, 2008


"Lol have you ever thought that like... once you get to or past a certain time in your life it will all be ok?"

Yesterday someone asked me that question [well they were more specific =P], and I was thinking about it. There's times that the thought has crossed my mind. But really, that's not true. No matter what my life will always have issues. Things that seem like insurmountable problems now, by the time I'm 27 will seem silly. Now it doesn't seem like it right now. But it's true. It's just when problems and decision to make are up in my face it's easy to think that it can only be better later. =P It's easy to think that once I get past this really hard test that life will be amazing, it's easy to think that once I figure out what I want to do with my life that life will be smooth sailing, it's easy to think that it's the end of the world if someone is mad at you.

Guys, my "problems" now are so small. Why can't I just see that?

It's funny though--no matter how young you are, no matter how simplistic your problems, you always think that they are massive problems. Haha, I may wish that I was 10 again sometimes. But when I was 10 the problems I had seemed massive to me. Now I laugh about how seriously and how upset I would get over them. But at the at the time they were like huge! Not going over to the Schultz's was such a devastating thing very worthy of tears! lol

Stuff like that is silly to get upset about and stuff that I get upset about now, in 10 years, I'll laugh at myself. But when stuff is right up in your face it's hard not to think that once you get to a point in your life that it will just be sunshine and roses. =P

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