Friday, February 29, 2008

29th? lol

Today doesn't happen doesn't even happen every year...literally. =P

Hmm I wonder what will happen by the next leap year. Last time I was 13 ready to turn 14. Wow, that seems like along time ago.

lol! So I went back and looked in my journals and back in 2004 I was pretty obsessed with wanting to go to Savannah that summer with the Schultz's and just in general hanging out with them. lol Wow...was that really 4 years ago? In one sense it seems like ages ago and in another sense it doesn't seem like that long ago... I was such a dork, you think I'm bad now--you should have seen me then. =P Things have changed a lot--I can't remember when the last time I talked to any of the Schultz kids [excluding Sterling. =P]... Wow, good times. lol

Am I really 17? Maybe this is a dream and soon I'll wake up to find I'm still the dorky 13 year old homeschooler with braces, glasses, and hair half way down my back. I'll wake up and find that my biggest worries are how soon my best friend is going to move back from South

I laugh at myself sometimes. lol

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Missy said...

I didn't know it was the 29th until
11 tonight hahahaha.