Tuesday, February 5, 2008


You know wearing shorts a t-shirt and flip-flops just make it feel spring/summerish and it makes me happy. For all of you people that like winter, I'm terribly sorry but I'll be glad when it's done and over.

So I was going to Hannah's game tonight; but it was canceled so I'm here at home, just basking in the feeling that I get when it feels like spring.

One of the blogs that I read got me thinking about the things that I'm passionate about--when I think of people being passionate, I think of the things that people love so much and they make it so clear that they love them-- that you simply can't separate them from each other. Examples: Lauren and the color red. Justin and his hair. Tyler and his cars. Sam and his guitar. Ying and her screamo music. And the list goes on. Then I was thinking about it, what is it that I'm so passionate about that it simply can't be separated from me. What in my life is so entwined with who I am that you simply can't think of it without thinking of me? Or at least my good friends can't.... Hmmm. What do you think defines me? What am I passionate about?

Anyways, as my thoughts wove their way through my head I began thinking about how amazing it is that God is passionate about me. How crazy is it that he loves me and it's not just a passive, shallow love-- no, it's a deep, obsessive, passionate love. He didn't spare any effort when he pursued and rescued me. He held nothing back and loved me with a consuming never-ending never-changing love. He sent is Son to die...for me. Yeah, that's love.


Justin said...

It is pretty amazing that He is so passionate about us. :-)

I think you're passionate about God and books. God, books, and non-emo define you. haha

Justin said...

P.S. I'm not so passionate about my hair anymore..


Tyler said...

You change your theme a lot.

Ming said...

It is. haha thanks Justin.

Yes, I guess I do...sorry...I'm going to stick with this one for a while though.