Monday, February 11, 2008


Heyyy guys, it's Ming [and Ron].
Adrianna went to bed and we're just hanging out. lol I [Ming] was planning on studying tonight...and didn't happen.

Yeah. Didn't happen at all. =P

Between Adrianna and two energetic puppies, it's practically impossible to do anything but play. lol Oh and Ron wanted me to say the only thing cuter than Adrianna and the puppies--- is him. But I think that fact is debatable. =P

She really likes Dora and Diego; I look drugged. lol

Puppies =)

Mrs. George is right--she's got personality plus. =P

She's an amazing photographer. lol

Yeah, she's my friend. =)

Yeah we had an amazing time.


Justin said...

haha she is adorable

Lauren said...

i was contagious that girl is awesome ming.

Missy said...

She is soo cute.
Hahahaha what is she doing in the last video? :-P

Nathan said...

haha Ming what are you teaching that girl? j/k Adrianna's pretty cute