Thursday, January 8, 2009


Jesus- loved those who were outcast
We- love those who are just like us

Jesus- gave to the poor
We- take care of ourselves

Jesus- associated himself with those of questionable character
We- make sure that even if we hang around non-Christians that they are "good" people [and you know perfectly well what I'm talking about]

Jesus- reach out to a lost and dying world
We- create bubbles where we are oh so safe and secure

Need I continue?

There's such a disconnect...How did this happen?

The American Church is known for her hypocrisy and self-righteousness. Can we change her reputation?

Can we start reaching out instead of reaching down? Can we meet people where they are at and love them there? Even if there means saturated in sin, drugs, sex alcohol? Could we go to prisons and go to the poor and actually live radical lives? Could we do that? Would you do that?

*sigh* Sometimes I have my doubts.

Sorry kids I'm just kind of discouraged right now. I had a conversation with a friend of mine who decided to become an agnostic because Christians they've interacted with haven't been...well Christ like to them. Now I'm by no means disregarding anything this person has done--they've done wrong and sinned. I'm not saying that and I told them that as well. I told them that I'm sorry that other people haven't been fair and haven't loved them--but I also said I don't agree with stuff they do and how they act sometimes.

Grrrr where is the line?

Loving the sinner and hating the sin?

To often I think we fall on either extreme. Some people turn their nose up at sinners and don't love them as Jesus does. They hate the sin and the sinner. Others I think love the sinner but condone the sin. How can we practically live this out--hate the sin, love the sinner.

If we do this--I promise it will be uncomfortable. Breaking boxes and popping bubbles is. These people very well may try to make you uncomfortable and push limits. They may cuss and make inappropriate jokes and such. I can promise you that if you insert yourself in the world to be in it but not of it--you will run into this. Sinners who haven't been saved can't be expected to live like saved people [duh]. But can you handle it? Jesus walked, hung around, and associated himself with people like that. He loved people like that. How can we do anything less?

Anyways sorry I went on a tangent--I'm just weary, discouraged and tired.

Can we give hope and love to those who need it most?

I pray we can.

God show me/us how.
Even if it means breaking boxes and stretching people beyond what they consider comfortable.
Show us how much you love us, and how much you love them. Bind us tightly to your heart so that we might learn what it beats for.
Sweep us off our feet and give us courage to live radically, to follow you in everything we do.

Night kids.