Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lord let me feel it, the way that You would feel,
Broken for the pain that people bear
Lord let me taste it, the tears from broken reeds,
Teach me to pray with weeping for those with needs.....

Draw close, to the lonely ones, to the hurting ones, to the angry ones
Jesus bring peace
Draw close, to the torn apart, to the broken heart, to the one who's far,
Jesus bring peace, and draw close
There's alot going on in my head right now.

Frankly I'm ticked.

I'm tired of people that have been hurt and nothing being done about it. I'm tired of people turning a blind eye and turning a deaf ears to things that aren't exactly what they want to hear about things. Or at the very least minimizing major issues.

Why am I so ticked?

Because I just read this story about how a situation at a church was handled by some pastors, and it ticked me off.

I'm sorry but you don't; you don't start a meeting where you are telling the parents of a three year old girl that their daughter was molested by a fifteen year old boy with, “You are going to have an opportunity to forgive today.” What. the. crap.

Excuse my language but honestly? Are you serious?

Not only this but then a year or so later the kid is still in CM serving in the 2 year old class! WHAT?!

Are you serious? No. Really.

Why did they let him? Because they didn't tell the rest of the church that there was a problem--so...if there wasn't a problem then why wouldn't he be allowed to serve? Oh my gosh.

I'm sorry but I can't be silent about this sort of thing when I'm as worked up as I am.

I'm sorry but stuff like this is wrong.

See if I want a heart that beats like my Saviors--I'm sorry I don't think he'd just sit by and let this happen and not say anything about it? Sorry but I just don't think that'd happen.

Guys I'm so far from perfect--I know. Trust me I know. But does that mean that I sit idly by while stuff like this happens?

It makes my heart ache.

"I'm no David, but I too want a heart that beats like my Fathers in heaven."
-Katy Boldroff

That means I love people enough to actually say and do something. I want my heart to match my Fathers.

Beat for beat. Leap for leap. ...Break for break.

If you want the whole story just let me know--you probably don't though, ignorance is bliss. If you leave me a comment though with your email or something I will send it to you.


Also kind of on a rabbit trail--but it was something I've been thinking about. Gossip and slander can be defined as -- involving or telling someone who isn't part of the problem or part of the solution. I think many people that read this/would read this would hold to that definition. Which is fine, I would agree that in some cases that this would be true. But I was thinking about it...what if say in a situation like the one above I'm telling someone to protect them or their children? I'm sorry but if I'm a mom and I'm considering watching letting the a fore mentioned teenage watch my kids--I'd want to know about it! Not because I'm interested being in the know or because I like spreading gossip but simply because I'd want to protect my kids from preventable, needless, pain perhaps.

Is that wrong?

Also--how many of you watch the news? Or read the newspaper? Or read articles online about current events?

When any of those things have a story or a piece that isn't a...flattering portrayal of people and their deeds; is that gossip and slander? Because listening to slander and gossip is just as bad as being the one saying it--isn't it?

You aren't problem or part of the solution most of the time are you? Grant it sometimes you could be--but honestly most of the time--are you?

Do I not make any sense at all? Am I losing it?

I'm sorry but I've got to think things through and I'm going to question things.

I'm done swallowing things without asking.

And I'm this - close to being done with institutionalized religion.

I thought Jesus came to give us something radically different?

Screw it. I'm an idealist when it comes to Christianity and I don't think that's wrong.

Anything that is motivated by anything less than Love for God and Love for People is going to burn anyways.

Ok I'm done for now.

*Happy New Years everyone

I want really bad to apologize here for...being me. But I can't, cause I'm not sorry.

If you don't like it--please don't read my blog--this is more of a personal journal than anything else anyways.


Emily said... That's extremely sad. Yes, I would--actually AM ticked, yet have no earthly idea who this is about.

Ming said...

It's not something recent it happened about 10 years ago and I was just reading about it today online--it's not someone I know personally or anything though...

Emily said...

Oh, I see. Well it's still really sad and aweful.....