Sunday, January 25, 2009

So these last few days have been kind of crazyishness. Good crazyishness for the most part mind you--but crazyishness nonetheless.

I love my biology lecture teacher this semester--he actually makes it interesting *gasp*.

Friday we went skiing with the J girls minus Alise--oh my gosh I've missed that family. Like crazy bad. They are amazing. --note to self though-- it's alot harder being honest and open when you haven't been the "perfect" Christian. *scrunches forehead* But yes--lying on the side of the mountain on my way down it for the first time [it took me about 20ish mins] I had an epiphany.

Here it is kids--
I'm not very coordinated. At all. lol

But yes, I made it down multiple times without falling! Don't laugh-for me this is a very big step. You have no idea how bad I was the first time. lol

Hahaha Justin was kind of funny. =P He actually wasn't horrible, it was just entertaining.

Ok so Saturday was crazy too I got up at like six for reasons that won't be mentioned at this time and then I got lost and I was so tired and felt miserable. God sometimes wears me out so I can get it through my thick head that I really can't pull off anything without him.

Anyways! So I felt better Saturday night though--and...


This morning.

Naeem like endeared himself as a pastor to my heart.

He talked about what Mosaic is about. And I was very very happy.

I seriously know I'm suppose to be here right now. Yes. Wow.

He talked about what the Church is here for and yes.
How everything that we do must be motivated by love.
How the Church exists for the people who don't know God. How we are here for missions.
How we need to live by faith--and that if we take steps of faith--God will meet us there every step of the way.
It made me wayyy to happy. Seriously.
It made me want to spin around and smile ridiculously big and yes.

Ohhhh yes.

Bwha I'm psyched.


AND GUESS WHAT!!! They are doubling what they give to the community and internationally. And Naeem said--"I think we've been pathetic in this area."

It filled me with great joy and made my heart sing. =) Yaya.

Keep in mind this Church is just 3 years old.

It reminded me of Cornerstone--and for the record I do still want to go to California. =P But still I'm here right now--and this is where I need to be.

Anyways random--

What we define ourselves by and who/what we find our identity in is sooooooooo freaking important.

Question kids--What do you define yourself by? Please let me know? If you don't want anyone to know just don't put your name. =) Thanks though.

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