Saturday, January 3, 2009

A little perspective....

And I think my life is challenging?

Zimbabwe, 2000 - In a tuberculosis ward where the great majority of the patients suffer from AIDS.

Romania, 1990 - An orphanage for " incurables".

Bosnia, 1993 - Wounded soldier.

Sudan, 1993 - Famine victim in a feeding center.

Somalia, 1992 - Child starved by famine, a man-made weapon of mass extermination.

Somalia, 1992 - Famine victim sewn into burial shroud.

Alabama, 1994 - Punishment post on the chain gang.

Rwanda, 1994 - Survivor of Hutu death camp.

Zaire, 1994 - Hutu refugees were struck by cholera and buried in mass graves.

West Bank, 2002 - Mourning the dead in Jenin refugee camp.

Indonesia, 1998 - A beggar washed his children in a polluted canal.

Indonesia, 1998 - A homeless child slept off a drug high on the streets of Jakarta.

New York, 2001 - Collapse of south tower of World Trade Center.

New York, 2001 - Searching for survivors.

New York, 2001 - Ruins of World Trade Center.

New York, 2001 - Ground Zero.

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