Thursday, January 15, 2009


So I finally finished putting pictures up last night/this morning.

I really do love my green room

Disregard the mess on my bed and also the crazy old lighthouses on my blinds. lol

My black chairs in my corner

My amazing corkboard. =)

I match my room =) It's my green passion shirt that I love dearly as well =)

The only picture frame I haven't had time to fill yet...

I finally moved my desktop to my room and that's my white board that I never write on--Ying does though. lol

Stephen: What's that pounding?
Me: I'm just putting picture frames up.
Stephen: There are probably pictures of starving children....that'll be depressing. But that'd be so you.


Emily said...

Awesome! My room is lime green, hot pink and brown....striped. Yeah, I love bright colors too =P

I love your picture frames... Oh, and that drawing of that hedgehog is adorable.

Ming said...

Haha that's awesome-I love bright colors too. Particularly green though. =)

Thanks =)

--what hedgehog? lol

Emily said...

Yeah, yellow and green are my favorites.

the one on your whiteboard that says: 'Fair Warning: violate my personal space at your own risk'

haha, ok, so maybe it isn't 'adorable', but it is really funny!

Ming said...

That's cool--I like Blue and Green hmmm then probably yellow. Dissecting color preference is fun though. =P lol

Ohhhh that one. Gotcha, I was scanning my sister's drawing looking for a hedgehog that I possibly missed. =P

Emily said...

oh, the one for your birthday? That is so neat!!

hannah said...

Yea that's soooooooo cooooollll