Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Song, thoughts, something that starts as a list of 25 things then turns into a rambling...

What we do here is just the beginning
New life is starting at every ending
We are a part of the story unfolding
This is the weight of the world we are holding
This could be our day

Clearly it's time to make a change
Or I could keep sitting and waste all day
I know that it's time for me to move
I've been given this minute to use
And given this moment to prove that

I was holding back
Now I've come undone
I want to touch the world
Heal the broken ones
Ending the cycle has just begun
We've been given this minute to use
And given this life to prove

To give ourselves away
For something beautiful
A million miles away
To the one who's hungry, and thirsty

And needs some hope
To the people that are weary and
Broken and left alone
I'm giving myself away


Love this song. Quite dearly actually.

Have you ever felt you're on a completely different page than other people.
And everyone thinks you're quite insane
Well save for a few who do really get it...
My head at times.
I'm kind of hyper right now.
And I'm not quite exactly sure of the reason.
Dreaming is good kids.
I have many thoughts--non of which I have the time nor the right words to capture at this particular moment in time though.
Since it seems cool kids do this I think I shall too...I think.
  1. I love God seriously.
  2. I want to live and die well.
  3. I want to accomplish what he wants me to in this life.
  4. I want to take risks and live a life of adventure for Him.
  5. I want my life to match my talk.
  6. I want to have a even crazier more passionate love for God than I do now.
  7. That will provoke actions from me because I love him so much.
  8. I want to be a genuine real person.
  9. I hate fakeness and pretentiousness.
  10. I have a boyfriend, he's amazing. And I do love him.
  11. I absolutely abhor cliches and words that become buzz words.
  12. I enjoy long walks in the fog.
  13. And I enjoy stargazing.
  14. I love Mrs. George.
  15. I miss my best friend Lauren.
  16. I want to move to California.
  17. I want to move there because I want to go to Cornerstone. Badly.
  18. I want to move there because it is a Church that isn't about nominal, normal, Christianity.
  19. Cornerstone puts their money where their mouth is and they seek to truly love their neighbor as much as themselves.
  20. I am really enjoying Mosaic though and I believe without a doubt now that it's where I'm suppose to be right now.
  21. Nonetheless I want to move to California, go to Cornerstone, and get my degree in biblical studies at Eternity Bible College. [after I get my nursing degree]
  22. Eternity Bible College's mission statement is "Teaching people to live and die well." Oh. my. gosh. Can you say amazing? Yes. I think so.
  23. I am an idealist.
  24. Mostly when it comes to Christianity.
  25. I'm sorry but I hate it when Christians hand people a box and tell them to get in it--because they've "discovered" what it really looks like to be a Christian.
  26. Sorry kids--being a Christian means that you are completely in love with God and have a relationship with him.
  27. You realize that you're a sinner needing to be saved and your realize that God sent his son to die so that you could be saved.
  29. That relationship spurs and moves you to love others and care about their well being.
  30. Love God love your neighbor.
  31. Honestly is really incredibly simple.
  32. Also incredibly hard--you can't do it without supernatural strength--but that's where God steps in.
  41. If you think that's what it's about you've missed it.
  42. Don't hear what I'm not saying.
  43. I'm not saying that it's good to smoke, drink, and cuss.
  44. I'm not saying that it's bad to go to Church and read your Bible.
  45. But these are not the main issue.
  46. They divert our gaze from things that really do matter.
  47. If God lead your parents and you to homeschool--Great! Do what God has asked you to do.
  48. If God leads your parents to put you in public school--Great! Do what God has asked you to do.
  49. It's not about all the above mentioned things.
  50. It's about God.
  51. It's about realizing his Love for you and his love for the world.
  52. Once you start to get that--and I mean really get that.
  53. You can't help but do the right things, and you can't help stopping doing the wrong things.
  54. The Holy Spirit will convict and lead you, if you listen to him.
  55. I'm just tired of having people get in little groups and talk about issues that really honestly aren't that important.
  56. There is a lost and dying world out there.
  57. And to be frank--homeschooling isn't going to save them.
  58. Neither is Courtship
  59. Neither is scrubbing up their lives so they look holy.
  60. It's so much bigger than that.
  61. Jesus is the only person on this story that can save them.
  62. He's the only thing.
  63. Beginning, Middle, and End.
  64. Let's not forget that please?
  65. The person sitting next to you in your college class that smokes weed, gets drunk, and comes to school high--actually needs him really bad.
  66. We're suppose to be a light to the world.
  67. The salt of the earth.
  68. Let's live it, ok?
  69. Let's not hole ourselves up in our church's and hide our light.
  70. Let's not sequester ourselves in our Christian homes and keep the salt for ourselves.
  71. Because I promise you this--you are going to miss out on the life that God has made you for.

Ok sorry kids that was a long tangent--please don't be offended. I really just get kind of...ok really worked up about this sort of thing....=P

Sort of.

This is what I'm passionate about. This is my purpose in life. And yes, I know I can come across really strong sometimes but I can't help it most of the time. I just kind of get started...and...well..go. =P

Whoops...guess it was over 25 things huh?

Anyways love you all have a wonderful day--it's beautiful outside.

Haha--I was hyper.


Emily Joy said...

awesome. I pretty much agree. You have a very neat mind. And I mean that. I like the way you think. =)

Ming said...

Haha Thanks Emily you're to sweet. =)

Emily Joy said...

You're welcome. You pretty cool yourself ;)