Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As we approach January 20, please read the Bible’s many commands to Christians regarding our attitude toward the civil government. Remember that these commands were written when everyone knew that Jesus was executed by the government and every government was set against the belief that Jesus, not Caesar, was Lord.
Nero was no friend of Christians in the first century. Neither was Domitian. Today, the commands of scripture apply to Christians in China, in Iraq, and in India. They apply to all Christians living under hostile governments.

Jesus lived under a cruel Roman governor, yet he submitted and obeyed that governor, even to the point of death.

Let us speak the truth in love. Let us love those we may not agree with. Let us leave the right example for children and young people. And let’s not engage in blatant sin, and then excuse it, in the name of politics.

Read it and the comments if you can. =)

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