Saturday, June 15, 2013


After mowing the lawn and grabbing a much needed shower I ran to my car and went to the bank.

Holy shiza batman. Everyone was in an incredibly sour mood. The patrons mind you, not the staff.

The staff were incredibly kind and gracious attempting to explain why they had to do things a certain way but  two people literally stormed out of the bank huffing and puffing because they were cranky and impatient. The bewildered and tired faces of the tellers made me sad. And I was sad for the people who were so rude and colored the very beginning of their day with such ugly colors.

I was wearing my tank top from Sevenly that says, "Someone is Praying for the Things You Take for Granted" and that helped give me some perspective. The sun is shining, I am breathing, I am alive, and the world is still turning around. I have a vehicle that I was able to drive to the bank and I have money in the bank. I am rich and blessed in a million different ways.

When my turn comes I walk up to the teller, toss an easy smile at her, ask if she wouldn't mind helping me withdraw some money and thank her for being at the bank on a Saturday. A real smile creeps up on her face and she says she would love to.

Be the character you would admire in a story.

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