Saturday, June 1, 2013

Why Do I Love to Read?

I've been with Lucy as she buried her hands into Aslan's mane and heard Him roar, journeyed with Bilbo to find a dragon and then later adventured with Frodo to destroy a band of gold, I've been to the back of the north wind with little Diamond, with Wendy flying through the air with Peter to Neverland, sat in the little log cabin with Laura Ingalls, stood on the edge Dark Sea of Darkness with Janner Igiby, I've ran through the woods and reveled in the beauty of the world with Anne Shirley, I've been with Henry York as he traveled through a hundred cupboards, built a treehouse with the Robinson family, I've ridden on the back of a wild black stallion with Alec, sought revenge with Edmond Dant├Ęs, I've cried with Jo when lovely Beth died, given freely to the poor with Robin Hood. I've sailed on the high seas with Fin Button, journeyed deep into the earth, climbed towering mountains and frolicked in beautiful meadows, and I've loved every beautiful minute of it all. 

Why I love to read? This is why. To all the libraries, bookstores used and new, to all the authors who spin beautiful stories; thank you for all the adventures that I've been on and all the ones that I will have in the future.

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