Tuesday, June 25, 2013


God spoke words, real, heavy words. Word that had the power to create. Words that had mass, flavor, grace and love infused into them. 

A light pierced through the darkness and as the words tumbled from a benevolent Father and a world was born. A wet planet emerged with pieces of land springing up to break up the endless oceans, and then the Father began to create poetry. And from the poem rich green grass began to sweep over the empty plains, giant trees broke through the earth heavily laden with sweet fruits and lilies appeared with their snowy white petals. 

And the Father smiled and began to sing and as the song began, a flaming orb of fire was born with a small dusty sphere to reflect and soften its blazing light, then galaxies  began their spinning waltz, stars blazed to life, and the Father was pleased. 

The song continued and dolphins began to leap from the depths of the sea, giant squid lurked in the bottom, and shimmering microscopic creatures lay on the surface of the waters. 

A new line was started and the sparrows hopped across the ground, an albatross glided through the air, and an eagle soared in the heavens. 

With the final verse elephants began trumpeting their praise, wolves howled, and otters began to play their games. 

Then the Father paused and began a story. Dust leaped to attention and began to twist and swirl. Bones took shape; the framework that muscles began to bind to along with tendons, sinew, eyes unseeing were formed, hands fashioned with love, feet to carry the weight, a heart was carefully woven, a mind with the potential to create set just above the eyes, and silent lungs lay unmoving. And the Father smiled, leaned in close and breathed. 

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Karen Buck said...

This is beautiful. I wandered over to your blog and was so blessed to find this. God is so good and delights in all He has made.