Wednesday, June 19, 2013

There are days that I want my life to always be bright and sunshiny; kind of like Normal Rockwell painting. Yet, I know deep down in my soul that there is glory to be had in the struggle and there is beauty in redemption.

I love the conflict in a story, the happily ever after is sweeter after the tragedies, light shines the brightest in the darkest of times, and the tale that is being spun here on this small blue planet, well, it is the most breathtaking story of all.

Lovely would still be lovely even if ugly didn't exist and good would still be good if depravity had never entered the scene...but there is something that resonates in the spinning a beauty that born from ashes.

Life is a gift. My life is a gift. Every breath that enters my lungs, every beat of my heart, and every cell in my body that obeys a voice I can't hear - it's all a gift.

(Side note: I am sorry that I post everyday. But I can't help myself - I think an inordinate amount and you all have to pay the price.)

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