Monday, June 24, 2013

Us and Them

Why must it always be 'Them' or 'Us', 'Either', 'Or', and never both?

I am a both girl.

I enjoy wearing pretty clothes, wearing make-up occasionally but I also revel in donning basketball shorts and ginormous t-shirts. I enjoy the laughter and fellowship with my people but I also covet my alone time spent curled up in the corner of the couch. I appreciate walking into houses that are nicely kept but I also enjoy walking into houses that have so much life that it's caused some chaos that takes the form of spilled juice on the counter and toys strewn about the floor.

I love warm sunshine but I also love cold, clear nights when the stars seem to lean in just a little bit closer. Clear blue skies make me happy, however, furious raging thunder heads fill me with wonder as well. Eating the colors of the rainbow in fruits and vegetables is delightful but warm cinnamon rolls and cheesecake also remind me of grace.

There is wonder to be found everywhere my dear friends. There is glory all around if we could just take a moment and pray for the eyes to see it. Ever person is important, from the well dressed business man to the man who tries to fill his empty place with alcohol--we all long for something to fill us up. We all long for rest, affirmation and love.

And He sings, "You are enough, you can stop trying so hard. Why? Because you are loved."

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