Monday, June 10, 2013

Sometimes I Forget Who I am

I glance in the mirror and I see a young girl look back at me.
A girl who's flaws are evident and many.
A girl with a million and one insecurities, one who is full of opposing juxtapositions, and is so incredibly far off from where she wants to be.

I sit down to peruse my old ramblings as an even young girl and I remember.

I read what I believed when I was seventeen and the girl that I use to be pulls me in. Her words warm me and fill me up. The words that she wrote challenge me and remind me who I am. This is who I am.

I am loved.

I was lost.
But now I am found.
I was dead.
But now I am alive.
To live is Christ and to die is but gain.

Love is here.
Love is here.

Run in the streets and dance because Love has arrived, Love stepped into the story and his name is Jesus. The God of the Universe, the Composer of this song, the Artist of the painting, the Author of this story that surrounds us, donned flesh and cloaked Himself in the skin of humanity to give us life. Fully man and fully divine. What a glorious mystery.

We so desperately needed saving. This world needs a Savior...I need a Savior.

Selfishness, hate, contempt, deceit, scars, pain, and tears were my lot in life until He stepped it. Jesus got down on a knee, lifted my head that was bent in shame, looked at the broken mess that I was and smiled. Smiled at me. He loved me. He loves me. And this is why I dance.

He loved me right from where I was at and that loved changed my life. I am His forever, wherever He leads I want to follow. My lips whisper forming words without sound. "Jesus, give me more of You. Please..."

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