Friday, September 28, 2007

121 Random thoughts

  1. My God is so amazing.
  2. He loves me.
  3. I love Him.
  4. My parents are the best and I love them.
  5. They are easy to talk to.
  6. Lauren is amazing
  7. Keri is pretty awesome too.
  8. Ying's hilarious.
  9. She's even funnier when watching "The Office"
  10. I love reading the Bible.
  11. I love reading period though.
  12. I seriously love it.
  13. I'm a dork/nerd/weirdo/strange girl. And I'm ok with that.
  14. I don't freak out that easily.
  15. But I worry way to much about what people think about me or if they're mad at me...
  16. And if I think they are I freak out...really bad.
  17. I miss Frisbee in the spring and in the rain.
  18. I miss Frisbee in general though. =P
  19. I love music.
  20. hellogoodbye
  21. Having joy all the time is harder than you would think.
  22. Good conversation brings me happiness.
  23. Ying is an all or nothing person.
  24. I really love God. I'm sorry but it's so awesome.
  25. Lauren and I can talk about anything.
  26. Kate is so sweet
  27. My friends love God. That just makes them cooler than cool.
  28. People think I'm a dork because I am. =)
  29. Justin and Carter are pretty awesome brothers.
  30. I say things like: Alright I'm done, the end, I'm rambling quite a bit, I'm sorry.
  31. Mercy and Grace.
  32. Stephen's got good taste in football teams. =P
  33. Life is amazing.
  34. 6 days!!! yeah I'm thrilled.
  35. Mark's the best at frisbee when he wants to be
  36. Joey comes up with awesome things like "red hummers" =P
  37. Oh and then 1 week. =P
  38. I love my best friends.
  39. And I want to go to passion. And I want Lauren Keri Mark Tyler Stephen and Joey to go too cause that'd be amazing. (Although technically Lauren, you can't =P just graduate for heavens sake...) Honestly guys though it's passion...DCB will be there anddd Francis Chan. uh huh.
  40. Thunder and Lighting are the best.
  41. My friends are the best, I couldn't have gotten better ones from an infomercial or something.
  42. Seriously I don't deserve any of them.
  43. Tyler does awesome things like own Sam's pants. =P haha
  44. Ying knows me so well it is annoying, no matter how much I try I can't hide stuff from her...-_-
  45. I love sunshine.
  46. I love watermelon.
  47. I love fruit in general though
  48. Whipped cream.
  49. Smarties?
  50. Alise and Jane-Claire are adorable as is Adrianna. =D
  51. The 4's is the most amazing class since ever. 8)
  52. I love carrots and apples
  53. I still get a kick of being about to bite an apple after about 5 years of not being able to.
  54. Wind is my friend; as long as long as we aren't playing Frisbee.
  55. I love being able to drive =D.
  56. Sarah E. is an amazing writer and she gets it. =D
  57. Love and Joy.
  58. I love God, He's my bff. =)
  59. I have only known Lauren not quite 2 years yet :-0
  60. Kate and Beth getting hyper and talking and laughing when we were suposse to be sleeping =)
  61. Ying isn't white. =P
  62. I don't think of myself as ugly but I don't think I'm particularly pretty either, and I'm ok with that. =)
  63. I was made to be pursued and to pursue my God.
  64. Befuddlement is an awesome word.
  65. So is mirth, inconceivable, abhorrent, inexplicably, ect.
  66. I'm inexplicably happy =D
  67. I like silver better than gold.
  68. I'm not perfect.
  69. I'm not a picky eater.
  70. I love people.
  71. I really need to work on this whole patience thing...
  72. Oh and this faith and trust thing too...
  73. Can't forget the love thing either....
  74. I dog ear pages and underline and use highlighter way to freely in books. =P
  75. I don't mind doing dishes and cleaning as stuff (most of the time)
  76. I like Calvin and Hobbes
  77. I like Pearls before Swine too
  78. I'm not very opinionated on many things.
  79. April showers bring May flowers.
  80. I like flowers.
  81. Skittles are the bomb.
  82. Candy is bad for you.
  83. I need to let my yes be yes, and my no be no.
  84. I listen to sermons...alot. =P (Cornerstone, Covenant Life, and Shoreline are my favoritest podcasts oh and Axis.)
  85. I enjoy helping people.
  86. Things make me laugh.
  87. Playing random card games with Lauren, Sam, and Ying in the ushers room was fun.
  88. Mrs. George is my favoritest Mrs. George ever. =D
  89. Beth and Ying are alot alike.
  90. I'm ready for fall....
  91. Then comes winter...
  92. Hot chocolate is the bestest after playing out in the snow.
  93. I hate shopping for winter clothes; due to the fact I can never find sweaters long enough.
  94. I'm to tall...well I feel like that sometimes.
  95. I use to have a habit of being invisible on AIM some of you might remember that... =P
  96. I'm working on trust God with my all.
  97. Pictionary is the best.
  98. Ying thinks she's funny, when she really is -_-
  99. Mint Chocolate Chip is the best ice-cream period.
  100. Jesus died for me.
  101. He's my hero. =)
  102. I love trees.
  103. I look better with long hair in my opinion.
  104. I loving singing but I pretty much can't.
  105. I enjoy giving people random gifts. And writing notes.
  106. And I love finding the perfect thing for someone.
  107. My highest aspiration is to Love God with all of my heart soul mind and everything else in between.
  108. Second highest aspiration is to love people as much as I love me.
  109. I'd say something but then if you read it then you might like freak =P
  110. I love Philipians 4:4 and the entire book of James and Hebrews 11 come to think of it I love the whole
  111. Heaven will be amazing...
  112. I can't wait.
  113. Dive Deep guys. Ohhh soooo deep.
  114. hmmmmmmmm
  115. I love thunderstorms.
  116. Reading a book during one is the best.
  117. Lemonade, yellow or pink doesn't matter.
  118. Chick-fil-a (what can I say I'm homeschooled=))
  119. Laughing with people about the most retarded things.
  120. "One more slap and you're out Justin!!" or "U-turn." Good times.
  121. Finding humor in the humorous
Then Sunday....
Maybe just Sunday...


Lauren said...

120# "One more slap and you're out Justin!!" or "U-turn." <>

THAT has to be my fav
i bursted out took about a minute for me to compose myself...and i don't think i am quite composed yet...

113# Dive Deep guys. Ohhh soooo deep.

i love this one too...mmm go swimming in the dessert?
i'm going to buy that book that was the best.

Justin said...

Ya you couldn't go emo Ming. haha love ya sis!

Ming said...

Lauren: hahaha wow good times. that was hilarious.
That book is amazing...both of them are...

Justin: lol, um thanks?