Friday, September 14, 2007

Last couple days and random thoughts.

Last night my night was made by some things.
Today my day was made because; Lauren, still will be friends with me regardless of the fact we can't really hang-out for like 3 weeks. =)
And it's ok if you guys forget me, I seriously won't hold a grudge. =) Promise.

Haha, so my mom calls and tells me that while backing up in the Aldi's parking lot my dad backed into another car that was backing up as well. Oh dear, there's always something isn't there?
And in other news my parents are leaving on a very last minute trip to Savannah, GA because of my dad's mom or something so I'm watching Ying all weekend - oh yeah and the boys too. =P

Random things
I adore rain, adore.
When I went out with my mom today; it started pouring - I got soaked and had a grand time. =) No kid.
Unfortunately by the time we got home it had stopped though...=(

hmmmm =)
The more we enjoy of God, the more we are ravished with delight.
—Thomas Watson

Oh, oh, and listening to Ron and Pierce playing some Lord of the Rings game is killing me. Haha it's quite humorous. lol


Lauren said...

ming you forgot.....there was a little bit of a exclusion to that statement...would you care to share that with anyone?

The girl that Jesus loved. said...

What's that? lol

Justin said...


Lauren said...

oh okay...shall i share it :P