Sunday, September 30, 2007

Life is good; Eternal life is better! (remember that kids? oh yeah. lol)

So today was fun; at church Mr. Lechner and Mr. Morrison were ordained so that was cool. =)

Ok it took us forever and a day to actually get out of church today so we could go to lunch.

Certain people are insane though. insane. Namely *coughstephenandjustinGLACKENcough* and Zach is so incredibly mature and sane =P.
Everyone seriously disappeared from the church to go up around the church office to eat cookies and mingle, I stayed in the church and talked to people which was fine because I like talking. =) (plus Lauren had to go to lunch with some people so the longer we took the more chance I got to see her.=P)

So it ended up being Justin, Ying, Tyler, Mark, Sam, Stephen, Lauren ,and I going to lunch. And we went to Cookout. I hadn't seen Lauren in 2 weeks. Yeah kids that's right 14! days. But it's all good now. Lunch was fun.

Oh my gosh! And Justin's powerpoint worked, we used Thomas's laptop, the music worked, and it was hilarious. Yup. Sure it wasn't a mature joke but it was funny. =P lol (Tyler, we should find something else to do to him next Sunday just let me know if you have any ideas. =P jk)

"Look at him being a servant Ming! He's carrying 2 chairs!"
^ and stuff like that for a whole hour....-_- lol

People throwing ice at each other. (namely Ying Justin and Lauren =P)

"Solus- top of the mountain"

If you remember anything else funny just post a comment because I'm really brain dead right now. lol And if it's something that doesn't need to be said then I'll just not publish it. =P

Thursday...4 days kids. 4 days.

hmmm pictures cause I can =P (unfortunately there are none of Mark or Sam...)
Lauren isn't fast enough for Scad's hand.

Stephen hiding behind his cup. (Lauren you couldn't ever be a photographer ninja =P)

We all love your smile Justin. lol


I think he was saying how much he hated his picture being

So Saturday night we went to dinner.
My sister is amazing.

so is he

I don't know what my mom is doing. lol

And so is he

I love them =) seriously.

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