Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Broken Vases, Perfect Potter
Listen cause it's amazingggg =D
This guys from Brazil and has an awesome accent.
Oh and the message is good too. =P
Please listen? And tell me what you think. =)
No, people apologizing saying they're sorry, don't get on my nerves. If they did I would be the biggest hypocrite ever. =P I just feel bad that they feel bad...
Happier note...
Yesss, God loves me. And he uses absolutely broken people.
So God, break me, I'm serious, and I'm not being pretentious. =)
Ohh I feel better now. Haha you know what I appreciate feeling like this more though since I didn't feel so great yesterday.
Hmmm God can use my silliest nuances. =)
I'm letting go alll over again. And He doesn't have to pry stuff out of my fingers; this time I'm giving them to Him. *Drop* there they go. =) I'm trusting, I'm going back to being a child that has complete faith that her Father knows what's best and loves here more than all the stars combined, and I'm going to go biking now cause it's coldish out, oh I dearly love coldishness.

Oh dear I love Him =)

(Yeah I know this makes no sense and all runs together; but I'm happy and don't have time to make sense =P God loves me. =D)

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