Thursday, September 27, 2007

=D =D =D =P

**Warning when I'm happy I can't follow a single train of thought**

1 week guys, 1 week. Do you know how psyched I am!?

No, I don't think you do. =P

1 week from now I will be joyfully back amongst you all. =P I don't know if I was missed at all, and it's ok if I wasn't/am not, but I missed/am missing you alllll like crazzzzyyy; some more than others though =P (others meaning Lauren, since I haven't seen her in forever and a day...)

It's really made me appreciate being able to actually do things and my friends more. There's a reason for everything guys. ;) Everyyything. =) I must say that I was tempted at times (still kind of am; but when you can see the light at the end of the "tunnel" it's not as bad. =P) to be quite discontented with what I was or in this case wasn't able to do.

So it was good practice for me to learn that my joy shouldn't be tied to anything apart from God not even my life =P; to actually do what I read about in the Bible (what a novel idea...).

In the grand scheme of things this month isn't going to be that big of a deal. But when you are in the midst of something it's hard to think it's not a big deal when you are actually experiencing it. And not just to this thing (this is actually a sad example but I don't feel like divulging details of my life just so you can have a better example. =P).

I have the ability to be joyful allll the time. Uh huh. My God's that amazing. =D

Doesn't that look like fun!!!! haha, I know I'm a dork - get over it. =P

One sad thing. The weather is horridly hot again... =( At least in the afternoon. But the mornings are amazing.

early morning coolness + neverending + windows down on 85 + volume being loud enough to drown out my singing = this morning = amazingness

Oh oh and I finished an amazing project that is so great that I almost couldn't contain my mirth while sitting here in the computer lab; I did contain it though. (haha isn't mirth a funny word?) Anyways it was so funny once I got music on it, it's just hilarious.

"Top news goin' around; this is for all the lonely people."


Stephen D. said...

Couple of things...

That's awesome you'll be back in a week.

Since when do you love basketball?

Where are those people playing Frisbee? The grass is actually green. =P

That orange hat in the last picture is horribly ugly... Why does it have to be included?

Tyler Herlihy said...

"Mirth" always reminds me of lord of the rings... lol.

Lauren said...

wow that was actually back when we had green grass!

so i was looking at the pic of keri trying to get the frisbe as Mr. J and Tyler were trying to knock it down.
i almost began chearing for Keri...GO KERI! till i realized this is old news...and that it was a picture. Darn.
ANYWAYS, i miss you too ming, and i can't wait till next week...but then i kinda can because i have a math test next week, but then i can't 'cause josh comes home, but then i can because,i have a sociology paper due, but then i can't 'cause i will be able to drive after 9pm in less then three weeks!

i'm still undecided.

Ming said...

Stephen: Isn't it though? lol at least for me. I don't know how awesome it is for you guys. =P

What makes you ask about basketball? I've liked it for a couple years now...and I know we've talked about it before. Because I remember you hate it. =P

I'm not exactly sure where they are playing but doesn't it look amazing?

Well see I know it's horrid, but see I put it in just because all pictures can't be as amazing as the others and it makes you appreciate the others more. =) Sadly though there is no Michigan hat....

Tyler: Wow...great way to mess with my head. Now I'm never going to be able to hear mirth without thinking of

Lauren: You make me

Justin said...

I miss you guys at frisbee too. and I'm kinda sore..