Sunday, September 9, 2007

"The common theme in true biblical worship is this; it's that true biblical worship, true biblical worship centers around God and around God alone. Only God, only Him. And I think the easiest thing that we do as followers of Christ especially if you've been in the church for a while; cause I think most people if I asked you, "Ok, how would you define worship?" Like how would the average person define worship. I think most people would say, "Well, Romans 12, offer your bodies as living sacrifices holy and pleasing to God." Yeah I believe that; but I think we've done an amazing job in separating our theological understanding of worship and our practical application of what worship is. I think we have done an amazing job in the church today of having a big old break there."
"Here's my definition of worship - Choosing to authentically respond to the person and character of God. Worship must be authentic. And what I mean by authentic is real or genuine and the bottom line with this idea is that God knows the heart."
-Jim Elliston
Mmmm yeah I listened to that last night and finished it up on the way to church today...I could have quoted the whole thing - so be happy that I contained myself. =P
"Hi! How are you?" "Good, how are you?" "Good. Ok bye."
Haha, wow that was funny. The best is when everyone else is like 0_o
CM was pretty amazing today. We have an...energetic class this year? Not to mention a loud one. Funny thing is that it's the girls that are loud this year. And play dough scissors have to go. no kid. =P
So Justin came over and hung out while mom talked with Mrs. Glacken. I studied and studied...and studied. While Ying and Justin amused themselves playing some StarWars Game.
And now...I'm going to return to studying. I'll elaborate on the quote later...maybe.
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Jim Elliston

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