Saturday, September 29, 2007


So I was happy yesterday.
I found shirts that are long.
I found khaki pants that actually fit me.
*there are downsides to being tall...*

Songs coming on at like the perfect time kinda makes me laugh.

The weather is amazingly pretty again!!!1!!1
It just feels me with joy. =)
I slept with my window's open last night. =)
I spent like over 2 hours outside last night, and then I just went and sat out on the steps the morning and thought about stuff and pondered how awfully good God was stupendous.


Stephen D. said...

Well I'm glad that yesterday was good for somebody. =)

Ming said...

I hope today was better for you than yesterday was, though I don't know what happened yesterday...

Stephen D. said...

It was a lot better. Thanks. =)

Ming said...

good. =)