Sunday, September 23, 2007

Completely non-understandable.

I hate depressing song lyrics that have no point and completely, completely untrue. =P

It's very sad...Bright side! Only 11 days which is less than 2 weeks. =) =P And I look at it this way; better that people want to see me and can't vs. see me way to much and hate me.
So sorry to disappoint those who are enjoying a break from my annoying self. =P It could be a downside depending on your perspective...
And I said it before and I'll say it again, it's really ok if you forget about me and that I exist. =) I promise I won't be mad.


Heads up guys if you see a show called "Simply Ming" It's not about me. *nod* I know at times I must resemble a guy or something but I promise you it's not me. =P I'm sure alot of you would have been thrown for the loop if I hadn't given you a heads up. lol

Oh the power of incoherency. =P jk.... sorta

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