Tuesday, September 25, 2007

!!!!You know when you're just happy =)

Good morning world! lol

So kids, I know exactly what I want (that's realistic =P) for Christmas. =D Yes, I know it's really early but when I saw it a little over a week ago I knew. I just knew. It's all I'm going to ask for. No...wait never mind it's one of two things. But yeah anyways I was/am realllllly happy about it. I hate Atlanta but; I think...no, I know I can deal with if for this. =D
It's this...=D

I'm terribly glad I'm a senior this year. =) And heads up if you wanna come too let me know; because yeah that'd be awesome. So keep April 11-12 clear on your schedules. =P
Francis Chan
David Crowder
Hmmmm, yeah if you don't want to go, then you really need to explain why because I don't see how anyone could not want to go. =P

In other news Remedy is amazinggggggggggg. =D =D I love it. love.

Wow, my life is sooo good.

I'm so just glad to be alive at this moment in time. I'd be fine to go to Heaven too though. =) But God has a plan for my life. If that's to die right now, fine. (that'd actually be pretty cool) But if there are still things He has left for me to do, then that's great too. =) I want to be here as long as He wants me to be, as long as it takes to accomplish all that He wants to accomplish throught me...Even if he keeps me here for another 80 years, s. If I can just portray His love in some small way...it'll be worth it. And hey, I'll be in Heaven for the rest of my immortal life, I can deal with this for a short while. =)

God loves me. =) Me guys. me. That's pretty incredible.

"And this makes all the difference
This changes everything."

"You're everything we could ever want
You're everything we could ever need
You're the reason we're coming here
You're the reason we're going to sing

We'll shout it loud from the rooftop!
We won't be quiet!
We're falling for Your hard
And we can't stop,
We won't deny it!"

Doesn't that just make you happy. I can't stop smiling. =D Haha, I'm such a dork.

He loves me, I love Him.

It changes everything.

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Lauren said...

the words are so simple...but if you really think about it they mean a lot.

we were called to be like children were we not? simple things that make a powerful difference!