Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Being sick and pondering

So I've had a cold for the past couple of days; can't say it's been a blast...if I sounded strange or at all like a duck when you talked to me recently - that would be the reason. It's not a horrible cold though so that's good.

So today in POL class somehow the question came up - would you move your family in a neighborhood that had a polygamist, homosexuals, ect. And the girl who was answering stated that "Well I think maybe I would because it's not my business what they do or believe." Or something like that. Mr. Sember jumped on that and posed the question "Well since you don't seem to care - would you move into a neighborhood that consisted entirely of fundamentalist Christians?"
*Silence* People were like stunned. lol You would have thought that you wanted them to move into a neighborhood with mass murders and rapists or something.

After that he kinda lost me after that because the rest of class I was lost in thought. Now I understand the whole idea of the world will hate us. But do they hate us for the right reasons? Do they hate us because we mirror Christ so well; or is it because of the fact that we aren't that different from them and self-righteous when we are...are we truly loving them.....hmmm.

It made me think Would someone want to move next to me? Would I love them? Serve them in everyway? Show them a glimpse of Christ (however small)?

Hmm yeah between that and the whole Shiavo case being brought to the forefront of my mind again (something else discussed in class)..my head was full. It saddened me...people are so obsessed with themselves; it's all about their choice. It doesn't matter about the implication of the choice or who their choices affect...=( And that's how I am too...*sigh*

Anyways it made me all the more to look forward to in heaven. =D

This morning I woke up all together to happy about the whole heaven thing that's going to happen and I sent Lauren an obnoxiously long email detailing what was running through my head. lol (Sorry about that Lauren lol)

Alright so I'm going to go and read until my sinuses give me a headache. =P


Lauren said...


i thought you sounded like a duck yesterday... i just didn't want to say it.... :P

just so you know, you didn't sound like a duck today.

quack, quack!

The girl that Jesus loved. said...

lol you know what Lauren...thanks for that..thanks. lol