Saturday, March 3, 2007


Have you even mixed food coloring in with water? Seen the way the color seeps and permeates the water until it's tinted? Then add a little more and it gets darker? And as you continue adding more and more it gets harder and harder to see the difference each drop is making?
I don't know why but when I thought about it, it reminded me alot of sin. How most of the time it begins with just a drop, just a drop. But then the seemingly "small sin" begins to work its way all through my life. There isn't a crevice it misses. Then each sin after that doesn't seem as bad because my life has already been colored by my previous sins.
Just one harsh word, one moment I choose to be bitter, just a moment I decide to be angry, just a minute I act in pride.
And you know what, each sin in and of itself looks pleasant to the eye. Pride is a really deep purple, Anger is such a pretty red, Bitter is such a pretty yellow, oh look at the blue that Worry has, and look at that emerald green tint that Envy has!
But as you mix them together in your life/glass, all of a sudden it becomes a dirty muddy color.
Now I'm not saying it's ok to have just one color, I realize that wasn't a perfect illustration but hopefully you'll see what I'm saying. But the thing is that you are never content with one sin, you might think that it will satisfy you. But we humans are made to thirst and hunger, one is never enough.

I'm seeing this really prevalent in my life, I respond to my parents shortly, get angry at siblings, choose to worry about get the picture.
The problem is that I don't stop there, because once that one word or feeling starts it becomes a slippery slope. One word becomes two words, then three, four, five, ect. Worrying about one thing leads to worrying about something else so on and so forth.

And no matter how hard I might try, I will not be able to purge myself of these sins, I try to fish the colors out one by one, but I can't. The color is everywhere, it's in everything, it's engrained in me. It's just as impossible to get it out myself as it would be for me to try to separate the color from the water. My life is wrapped up in it. The only way to do get ride of it is to die. If it stopped there I would be hopeless....but it doesn't.

Someone did that for me. Someone took my sins upon Himself, He poured my filthy water upon Himself. But did he leave my cup empty? No, He gave me the pure water He deserved. Why? I did nothing to deserve this. I have nothing to be prideful about. WHY DOES HE LOVE ME? I have done NOTHING to deserve this. I don't deserve to wash His feet, yet He would wash mine?

He has ever right to send me out of His sight forever, but yet He welcomes me as a Bride into His Kingdom. I'm flabbergasted. lol Seriously though I mean think about it....
I know I'm repetitive in my writing but how can I not be? My Creator, God, Savior, Prince, loves. me.
I'm totally completely and utterly in love with Him. Sorry guys but I can't help it. It's my life, my all. And I keep falling for Him more. I look to the future with such a confidence, because He's right there with me. =)

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Lauren said...

Ming you are an encouragement. The post reminded me a little about the sermon this morning.

God, the CREATOR of this "big" thing. Loves me. ME. I don't even know the extent of the Universe. Most of the time when I think about it i am only thinking of the good ole' US of

and i know he moves in greater ways...but THIS is great enough for me!